recent work


The third in a trilogy of highly successful Bella Sara children's spots. The award winning trading card phenomenon among girls ages 5-12. This was a really fun spot to work on. Void of irony and hard sell The Bella Sara brand is probably as close to purity that one could work on in children's commercial entertainment. I had a really great crew of 2D artists, animators and FX specialists that did an exceptional job to pull this off in 4 weeks. ( view credits )


Recently finished Co-directing, jumped in to do some character modeling on ‘lil Sis and was Animation Director on the game trailer for Bioshock. A 60 second all CG spot for the bio-mutated first person shooter created by Irrational Games. ( view credits )


One in a series of 15 sec spots we did for Hartford Insurance. Love the reduced palette of these and the mix of 3d "Larry" the Red Deer logo icon, 3d camera moves and 2D environments. Larry is all 3d and not roto'd. A great rig created by Sal Midolo. Amazingly realistic animation by Taryn Mclaughlin and a beautiful clean finish by Jason Conradt. The logo animation we came up with is now the default finish on all their commercials. The others in the series are: OBJECTS ONE DAY PEOPLE RETIRE WE DON'T ( view credits )


This was a fun spot to work on. Jason Conradt (lead designer) created some nice camera moves that we brought into 3d from After Effects and animated/simulated the car moves to match the music cut. ( view credits )